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Escape from the Animal Attic

The Animal Attic is an upstairs space gallery space at the Otago Museum. It not only sheds light on taxonomy and evolution, but on Victorian-era architecture and ideas about how museums should be presented to the public. From Falkland wolves to … Continue reading

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LOST IN PARADISE – Sheep Photos – The Back-story

‘LOST IN PARADISE’ – is an exhibition featuring the work of Bruce Mahalski, Kevin Dunkley and Miranda Woolett at the Exhibitions Gallery on the corner of  Featherston and Brandon Streets in Wellington. The exhibition runs between the 20th of August … Continue reading

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Sacred – A sculpture by New Zealand bone artist – Bruce Mahalski

We can only look upon a human skull with awe.  Inside a layer of bone which is only a few millimetres thick in places lived a thinking brain, the mind of a person like us. Imagine the millions of thoughts … Continue reading

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Lost in Paradise – Wellington – 2009.

PLANET OF THE SHEEPS People often ask what the significance of the sheep masks are. What’s my thing with sheep? What am I trying to say? Really its all a bit of an historical accident. In 1985 I was in … Continue reading

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