Back Cover Photo by David White - Copy

Photo by Mike White for Stuff

New Zealand artist and writer Bruce Mahalski has had solo and group exhibitions of his art work  in a range of media including screen-printing, photography, painting and sculpture since 1996. He has also been a cartoonist and a musician with NZ bands such as ‘Crystal Zoom’ and ‘Let’s Get Naked’.

In 2005 he made the first bone gun for an anti-war exhibition called Full Spectrum Dominance and by 2010 he had begun to specialize in his trademark textural  bone sculptures.

As well as being a practicing artist, Mahalski, is also the director of The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery in Dunedin which contains his collections of skulls. ethnological art and interesting historical ephemera. It also has a gallery where people can buy his trademark sculptures as well as paintings, prints, masks and books which are also produced by the artist. See – www.mahalski.com.

Bruce has also had a number of books published, the most recent one being ‘Seeds of Life- the Bone Art of Bruce Mahalski (Rim Books 2018) with co-author, Dr Craig Hilton. He has also written articles for numerous magazines and websites under his real name and various pseudonyms.

Videos –  ‘The Bone Collector’    ‘The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery

Facebook –  The Dunedin Museum of Natural Mystery


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