The Art! Party

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For us, art is not an end in itself…but it is an opportunity for the true perception and criticism of the times in which we live.”  (Hugo Ball)


We live in a complex and cynical world with no consistent moral frameworks to guide us.

We are bombarded with ever increasing amounts of suspect information.

Many of us just don’t know what to believe about anything anymore.

We are  stampeding towards the cliff of our own extinction.

Our species has become an ongoing  train wreck for the environment!

Underhand and deceptive politics have poisoned the political landscape.

The mainstream media is little more than an ongoing party political broadcast on behalf of the current government.

An intervention is required!

The Art Party or ART! is a new political party.

Together we will repair the system using humor and beauty as our tools.

The Art party will have no leader or fixed policies but it will stand candidates at the next election.

ART! is the means by which we can satirize the current political system and  turn it to our own ends.

If we play by the rules we can get funding from the Electoral Commission with which to advertise at election time. Some of the minor parties got $20,000 plus to advertise in 2014.

ART!’s main focus will be  ambush type events including image based satire and performance.

In the early stages of the Party we will focus on planning for the next election in 2017.

One of our first targets will be political advertising hoardings. Instead of billboards covered in political slogans and photos of a smiling candidates ART! Party billboards will be covered in nothing but ART! Perhaps a beautiful painting of flowers or an evocative but tasteful nude.

We need to start working together now. Once ART! is up and running other issues can also be addressed.

ART!  isn’t going to be a  joke.

It will be a serious and beautiful thing.

Are you with us???


Contact – Bruce Mahalski  –


A mock-up of an imaginary ART! Party Hoarding(center) except we would use a dedicated website and social media to have an open competition among local artists to produce work for the hoardings. No slogans. Just ART!

Billboards (2)

About artordeath

Artist and writer based in Dunedin, New Zealand.
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