Bruce Mahalski – Curriculum Vitae –

I am a professional artist/illustrator who has been teaching a wide range of art skills to children (and adults) for ten years at Inverlochy Art School and other places such as Weltech and Independent Living in Wellington I also bought up a couple of children (one who is just finishing his PhD, the other who is working as a freelance illustrator and a graphic artist/content manager  for the  Trade Me website).

Since the mid-eighties I have provided commercial artwork, illustrations and cartoons for a wide range of applications including magazines, books, posters, stationery products, clothing and websites. Some of groups and organizations I have supplied work to include Learning Media, Gilt Edge Publishing, the Department of Conservation, the Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Forest and Bird, Greenpeace and the World Wide Fund for Nature. My drawings and paintings of plants and animals have been reproduced in publications and websites all over the world.

AA Nautilus(WS)

In the 1980’s I was part of a duo running a  small independent record label (Rational Records) who funded the production of a number of LP’s using fund-raising performances by the bands involved in the label. I organized/wrangled and promoted many events over several years, some with as many as twelve bands playing over four nights. Currently I am Promotions manager for Inverlochy Art School in Wellington. I still play in bands occasionally.

I have been having exhibitions of my contemporary art all over New Zealand since 1996. I am am known for my three dimensional textural sculptures using thousands of found animal bones. My current art dealer is Paul Nache.

I have eight years experience producing murals, displays and signage for Wellington City Council, Conservation Groups and Private Companies.       My work appears in two recently published books on Street Art – ‘Street Art of the World’ (2012) and ‘Urban Art – The World as a Canvas (2013) –both by Arcturus Publishing.

Mural - Garry Hunter - Londonist_L_000099 (Medium)

I have completed two overseas residencies – both doing large site specific outdoor paintings. One was for for Urban Space Management at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London(2012) and the other for ‘Street Art Heroes’ in Sunderland in Northern England in 2014.

Best Fishes

Buce Mahalski

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